Klaipėda Cultural Communication Center (KCCC) offers multi-directional educational activities for children and young people, creative activities for families, and tours in accordance with your needs and wishes.

INTEGRATED LESSONS IN EXHIBITION SPACES: schools in Klaipėda City and Region are invited to combine their lesson curricula with the field of art and culture. Teachers, together with the KCCC educators, will prepare and give classes of exact sciences, the humanities, and natural sciences and will work with schoolchildren to find creative solutions and ways to collaborate. Non-traditional methods of experiential learning nurture the skills of the 21st century: communication, teamwork, and critical thinking.

TOURS WITH ASSISTANCE DOGS: schoolchildren groups are invited to get acquainted with the professions of the people working at the institution and to see how exhibitions are organized. Once a month, on the day before the new exhibition opens, in a tour of the Exhibition Hall, you will be accompanied by a guide along with an assistant – an intelligent dog.

Guided tours, the SOFT project, and other activities for communities of people with disabilities: in order to integrate socially excluded exhibition visitors, we invite communities and centres of people with disabilities to tailor-made guided tours and to the testing of the SOFT project. The project means objects of natural wool, created by artist Lina Jaruševičiūtė, designed to soothe emotions and to help to concentrate, to stimulate the imagination, and to indirectly cultivate the senses of art aesthetics.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS for all age groups (for schoolchildren accompanied by teachers, groups of adults, etc.). You will: get to know the stories of artists and their works as well as the processes taking place in the local and global cultural field, take a look at artworks without any prejudice, and ask the guide any question that you did not dare to ask during the opening of the exhibitions.

SATURDAYS FOR FAMILIES: regular events to get to know art with significant others, such as family members, friends, or friendly neighbours. Classes will be held on the first Saturday after the opening of each new exhibition and on the last Saturday when the exhibition is coming to an end. Participants will be able to directly talk to the exhibition authors and curators, hear stories straight from the horse’s mouth,ask questions, discuss, or engage in creative activities.

Each and every one of you is welcome to Klaipėda Culture Communication Center!

Advance registration for creative activities and educational tours is required.

For more information and registration, please apply to:
KCCC cultural Activities Manager (for Children, Youth, and Adult Education), tel.: +370 650 717 04, e-mail: edukacija@kkkc.lt