Klaipėda Cultural Communication Center (KCCC) organizes art projects, introduces current trends of contemporary art and presents Klaipėda artists locally and internationally. The KCCC disseminates cultural information, participates in the development of creative industries, initiates collaboration among art organizations in Klaipeda, Lithuania and foreign countries. KCCC runs the Exhibition Hall, provides International Art Residency and administrates culture portal for Lithuanian audience – www.kulturpolis.lt

The KCCC objectives:

  • to organise international art projects in Lithuania and abroad.
  • to strengthen the integration of Lithuanian artists on an international level.
  • to establish a sustainable network between cultural institutions and professional artists in Lithuania and abroad.
  • to develop an international residency programme focussing on cooperation with the local artists.
  • to bring different social groups closer to art.
  • to develop cross-sectoral artistic and educational programmes.